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eTraining Website Solution is an easy-to-use learning management system that uses the Internet to give students remote access to knowledge, immediate assessment of their understanding, certification of achievement and peer guidance as required. Students can register and learn at their own convenience, use e-training site to supplement instructor-led classes.

eTraining software technologies have made it possible for educators, administrators, and Learning Service Providers to create, launch, and evaluate learning over the Internet using nothing other than a standard browser.

Design Specification

Course administration Features and Benefits

Catalogue of courses


Catalogue of courses
Using a standard web-browser, you can build your Catalogue of courses.
eTraining includes a flexible Course Editor, so you can add and edit course content at any time without any programming skills or additional program.
Courses can include a Library of files which will assist your students to gain success. Lessons content can be supported by images; audio, video, flash files and pdf documents.
Courses can be inactivated or copied to Inactive course directory.

Free / Partially Free / Paid Courses!


Free / Partially Free / Paid Courses!
Courses can be set Free, Paid or include Free lessons.
Free lessons within a paid course will sure attract your e-learning audience: free services always pull us in and seem more magnetic. Free lessons are a good way to promote or drive more attention to this of that material. Intervolve your students into a course by offering free introduction lessons! 

Manage tests


Manage tests
Tests are designed to evaluate students' knowledge gained while taking the study. A course may or may not include tests.
Teacher edits test questions and can modify the number of questions at any time. Sequence of questions can be either seriatim or random.
Each question can have one or several answers allowed. Teacher simply sets input type to the radio button or checkbox.
Redirect students to previously unanswered questions will let students not answer the unknown question just anyhow. If a student does not know the answer, he can continue to answer other questions and leave unanswered ones for desert.
Upon completion of a test, a student and a teacher see the total number of points earned by the student. Maximum number of points available is 100. Points are calculated based on the total number of questions.

Import test


Import test
Fast, easy to use. Import your tests in a CSV file. You upload a file and get a ready test.

Test administration Features and Benefits

Test administration

- Import test from CSV file
- Enable / disable test
- Editing questions and answers at any time
- Seriatim / random questions order
- Vary number of correct answers for each question
- Redirect students to previously unanswered questions
- Score calculation

Student Area Features and Benefits

Registration information


Registration information
Upon registration, student's personal information is sent to the teacher and is recorded in the corresponding section. The student receives a message with the registration information.
CAPTCHA added to Registration and Contact Us forms protects site from bots.



In user mode Catalogues of courses have a tree structure, offer more details & quick info: available lessons, tests, final exams, library.
Online training courses can be fee-based, paid or partially free. It's necessary to pay for a course to get access to course material.
While taking class, student can leave the web site. When coming back, the list of classes for completion is remained.
Convenient help will provide details on study rules and help students complete studies.

Student area components


Student area components
- Available courses
- Payment options
- Training news
- Contact Us form
- Student's contact info
- Detailed help
- Testimonials

 Site administration Features and Benefits

News publishing

News publishing
In this section, teacher can post news regarding the web site, classes and education in general.
Adding and editing news is very simple. News article consists of a title, message text, thematic image and dates of beginning and ending of news exposure.
You can modify priority of news articles to have the most important ones appear at the top of the news page.
RSS news can be added through admin panel to automatically update your site news.

Sign Up form manager


Sign Up form manager
Custom registration form by adding/deleting new fields to the form. This or that field can be set as required or optional. This will let you collect information necessary for inner researches (who are they by profession, their hobby, who told them about your service, etc.) or other basic stats.

Manage Certificate


Manage Certificate
Site admin / Teacher can upload certificate logotype and signature though admin panel.


The cost of each class can be specified in either US dollars or Euros. Teacher can modify them at any time.
Payments Editor section shows a list of all payments, both pending and completed

Payment features


Payment features
- Change course pricing at any time
- Choose currency - USD or EUR (USD, EUR or GBP for PayPal)
- Change payment gateway (PayPal, CCBill, ChronoPay)
- Automatical payment status validation
- Payment statistics



Statistics helps teacher obtain detailed information on students and courses being taken by them. The solution software provides two types of statistics: by class and by student.
The one by student statistics displays information on each student, including: name, email, registration date, courses list, payment status, test status, and test score.
The one by class statistics displays information on each class, including: number of students registered for the class, number of students passed the final, number of students paid for the class.
Information can be sorted by any field.

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