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eLMS Website Solution is an outstanding and yet simple Learning Management system. Our product is designed for any education formations: from small distance training companies up to big colleges and universities. The system allows to build courses, import SCORM content, deploy online learning, manage users, communicate with users, track training results, and more.

eLMS Website Solution is a 3-level system (administration, teaching, learning). Administrator is a site head, all technical questions and site management is under his/her responsibility and control. Teacher is an instructor, a tutor, a program designer. Teacher creates courses, final exams; tracks results of every learner. Student is the top level; can take courses and manage own learning and personal activities by means of a smart calendar. IM communication is available for all 3 user levels.

You can get a ready made launch complex for Remote educational business, for effective expansion of your college, institute or university. Innovate your company inner training and education with our eLMS Website Solution and you’ll see how profit goes higher with your staff knowledge.

eLMS Website Solution is a completely web-based solution designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind and for a remote elearning company. Its price doesn’t depend on number of learners in the system, only a one-time fee and continuous tech support. Make your choice, think it over thoroughly so that our solution can become your business.

No programming skills are required to fill an eLMS Website Solution based site with existing courses.
When choosing a learning management system you’ll definitely need:

- Wide range of Features offer quality online courses, create and sustain successful e-learning community
- Free pre-sales and technical support
- Free installation service
- Ability to update and build up your site with new features along side with educational advancement.
- Design integration service

All this is combined in eLMS Website Solution

Design Specification

Learning Options

Online Profile Students builds an online profile including photos, personal details. Email addresses are protected from public display.
Sign-up 'Sign up' and 'Contact us' online forms are protected by CAPTCHA
Log-in Reset password in profile and 'Forgot password' features will always allow a student to recover the login info
Language Any learning management system guest or registered user can switch site default language to other available language interfaces
Web based Calender Web based Events Calendar allows students to organize and schedule own day, week and month. Personal events can be added/edited/deleted. Event Start/End Time and Date are part of the feature. Course subscription event can be added to smart Calendar as well. 
Communication IM option enables online and live communication between students, teachers, administrator despite long distances and users' location. Online and offline states
Certificates Take/pass learning content, exams; receive completion certificates.
Learnging Material Learning material is presented in flexible view, which won't distract students' attention from learning process. 
Payment History

View payments history.

Authoring tools

Catalogue of course eLMS is aim to education formation of different levels. If you have a lot of courses in different fields, you can create a catalogue of courses from which learners will be able to choose. 'Catalogue editor' allows various manipulations: add sections to root level, add subsections, edit, delete, move a section up or bellow. 
If you have a small educational company, create your courses without any problems and, if needed, expand your activity to many topics.
Course editor  Course editor offers various options for creating learning material. The flexible course editor allows even non-technical people to create professional-level courses!
Communication  Rich Media Content Supported
Standard Microsoft Office Automation Documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF documents)
Rich Media Files (MOV, WMV, AVI, SWF, FLV)
Streaming Media Formats (audio, video MPEG)
Animation (Flash)
Learning Industry Content (SCORM v1.3) 
Course core settings Course core settings — enable/disable course tree navigation, limit/unlimit course time, limit/unlimit final exam time, take course lessons once or several times. 
Final exam core options  Final exam core options — random questions, limit/unlimit test time, allow coming back to question, allow coming back to question in case of wrong answer, regard or disregard test results, one or several correct answers, add scores to partially correct answers.
Statistics  Users' registration and courses' subscription statistics helps to understand more aspects of offered curriculum. Stats parameters can be filtered to pick up the info you need.

Distance learning program should satisfy most of people. Our program can satisfy all your staff and learners. Custom e-learning system development gives an opportunity of increasing your site popularity and effectiveness

Advanced web-based Administration

We created an utmost web-based admin area, so now you are not required to have much programming skills, only logical way of thinking and responsive approach to your future users. The system can be administrated by a person with minimal programming knowledge level — this is convenient.

Groups and users management


Groups and users management is convenient and effective. Administrator views and moderates group users and permissions, user status and membership. Each user information is at hand and editable. 

Payment  Options


Payment options are widely presented. PayPal,, 2CheckOut, E-gold, USAepay, WorldPay, PaySat, E-sec, iPos payment gateways are pre-integrated. 
USD, EURO, GPB, CAD, JPY are included.
Payments statistics by student and by course are available.

System settings


System settings allow set up 'every inch' of the site: session time out, profile image sizes, date format, numbers of items at a page, news items length on front page, max number of files attached to a lesson, max upload file size, number of courses on front page, and much more.

Company News and RSS news set-up.


Company News and RSS news set-up. Brand your company and your Personals site with a help of a powerful tool like News section. It can use RSS feed to quickly update the content or you can write news items yourself and review on your Site options or updates. It's a good way to promote your site online and to inform your site users on what is going on.) 

Multi-lingual support


Multi-lingual support will help to attract students from different continents, expend your teaching objectives, adapt the site to your requirements and local needs. All information pages and news pages are translatable as well.) 

Information pages


Information pages are flexible tool to offer help, additional material, promote or just keep up to date your students. Any new information page can be added on the site. No programming skills required. 

Certificate manager


Certificate manager is the way to represent your company. 

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