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  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited number of category levels
  • Assign a product to multiple categories
  • Quantity and user group based pricing
  • Fractional quantity products
  • Custom quantity steps and limits per product
  • Custom shipping surcharges per product
  • Custom product attributes per category
  • Upload unlimited number of images for every product
  • Image thumbnails are generated automatically
  • Display related products at product detail page
  • Display list of recommended products, based on previous purchases, at detail page

Product Variations

  • Separate SKUs for each product variation
  • Convenient management of variations
  • Multi-level variations (for example, color/size)
  • Easily disable certain unavailable variation combinations
  • Set different prices and shipping weight for each variation
  • Upload different image for each variation
  • Dependent dropdown selection
  • Inventory tracking for each variation
  • Different variations of the same product can be purchased within the same order

Product Options

  • Allows you to customize products
  • Supported types - checkbox, select box, multiple select and text input
  • Each option can change product price
  • Define options at category or product levels
  • Create product variations without separate SKUs
  • Same product with different options can be purchased within the same order

Convenient Product Catalog Navigation

  • Attribute based layered navigation (filters)
  • Manufacturer and price range filters
  • Products can be displayed as a list or as a grid
  • List sorting by name, price, rating or by time of addition
  • Featured products
  • Custom product selections (lists)
  • Search by keyword or SKU

Digital (downloadable) Products

  • Supports downloadable products
  • A digital product can contain multiple files

Bundled Products

  • Assign multiple regular products into a bundle
  • Define a different (discounted) price for the whole bundle

Built-in Inventory Management

  • Automated inventory tracking for all products
  • Items that are out of stock can be either disabled automatically or stay visible and accept back-orders
  • Inventory tracking at product variation level

Reviews and Ratings

  • Visitors can rate and review products
  • Separate rating types for different categories
  • Possible to require a customer to have purchased a product before allowing to review it

Powerful Business Rule System

  • Define discounts and other actions based on arbitrary rules:
    • Certain product presence in order and quantities
    • Item quantity divisability by a certain number
    • Order total
    • Customers and customer groups
    • Delivery zone
  • The following actions are supported:
    • Add a discount to whole order
    • Add a discount to each matched item
    • Disable checkout
  • Discount steps and limits (buy X and get 1 free)
  • Possible to define very complex rules
  • Limit rule activity by date range
  • Discount coupons
  • Discount coupon usage can be limited by customer or overall


  • Send newsletter messages to customers and subscribers
  • Ability to send message only to customers or subscribers
  • Save message drafts and sent messages

Custom Data Fields

  • Add new fields for orders, customer accounts, addresses, manufacturers, categories, etc.
  • Field types: text, select box, multi-select, date
  • Field validation (numeric fields, required fields, etc.)
  • Custom order fields allow customers to enter order delivery instructions, delivery date, gift message, etc.


  • Secure (SSL) connection for all checkout pages (configurable)
  • No registration is required for customer - the account is created automatically
  • Easy 2-3 step wizard - address entry, shipping selection (if applicable) and payment
  • Customer can always return to a previous step without losing entered information
  • Customer can enter separate billing and shipping addresses
  • Customer can select addresses from previously entered addresses (addressbook)


  • Multiple shipments per order are supported
  • Shipping to multiple addresses
  • Administrator can modify and rearrange the shipments by adding or removing products, changing quantities, splitting the order into multiple shipments, etc.
  • Every aspect (items, shipping, addresses, etc.) of an order can be modified from admin back-end
  • Administrator can update order status.
  • Administrator can restrict minimum or maximum order totals and a maximum quantity of products per order.
  • Reorders functionality - customers can easily replace previous orders with a couple of clicks

Multiple Languages

  • Unlimited number of languages can be active in the same store
  • Absolutely everything can be translated
  • Ready-made translations into 17 languages
  • Customers can switch to a different language at any time
  • Effective translation editor in backend
  • Point-and-click translation editor
  • System sends automated e-mails in customer's language

Multiple Currencies

  • Unlimited number of currencies can be active
  • Customers can switch to a different currency at any time
  • Product prices can be defined either for each currency separately or calculated automatically using defined currency rates

Effective Backend Administration

  • Absolute control over every part of your store
  • AJAX-based and interactive
  • Unlimited administrators with customizable access permissions
  • WYSIWYG product description editor
  • Powerful data searching and filtering capabilities
  • Effective mass data management
  • Drag & drop management wherever applicable
  • Extensive help documentation


  • Application files reside outside web root
  • User passwords are encrypted
  • Secure connection used for checkout, payment, user area and backend pages (configurable)
  • Credit card numbers are not stored in database
  • Secure connection is always used when communicating with payment gateway servers
  • Secured from possible XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks
  • Supports shared-SSL (https pointing to different domain)


  • Real time shipping rate lookups (USPS, Fedex integration)
  • Define custom delivery zones down to country, state, city or even street level
  • Different shipping rates per delivery zone
  • Rates can be based on shipment weight or subtotal
  • Certain products (oversized, fragile, etc) can be designated to require separate shipment


  • Fully configurable tax types and rates
  • Different tax rates per delivery zone
  • Applicable taxes are automatically applied to order total
  • Multiple taxes supported
  • Supports VAT - prices can be entered with tax
  • A different tax rate can be applied to shipping charges

Real-time Payment Processing

  • Accept payments online
  • Accept credit card payments directly from your store
  • Integrates with major payment processors:
    • PayPal
    • Google Checkout
    • 2CheckOut
    • RBS WorldPay
    • SagePay (Protx)
  • Accept offline payments
  • Up to 3 customizable offline payment methods
  • Custom input fields for offline payment methods
  • Multiple payments per order are supported

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO optimized out of the box
  • Clean URLs that contain search keywords
  • H1 tags contain product and category names
  • Customize page titles for every product and category
  • Meta description tags contain product and category descriptions
  • Auto-generated XML sitemaps (supported by Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, etc.)

Customer Self Service Area

  • Customers can view all their past orders
  • Keep track of current order statuses
  • Integrated customer support system
  • Download files for digital item purchases
  • Print invoices
  • Manage account details
  • Manage address book


  • Send notifications to customers on various events
  • Send e-mail notifications to admin when a new order is received or other events
  • Each e-mail notification type can be enabled or disabled
  • Translatable e-mail templates
  • HTML e-mail support
  • Each e-mail is sent in HTML and plain-text
  • HTML and plain-text versions are customized separately
  • Send forgotten password to customer

Design Customization

  • Firebug-integrated CSS editor
  • Smarty templates - HTML knowledge is enough to customize the design
  • Point and click template editor - locate source templates for any page fragment in seconds
  • Integrated template code editor - implements source highlighting, search, replace, etc.
  • Support for themes
  • Every page can be configured to have it's own theme
  • Flexible layout/block configuration
  • Excellent CSS coverage - most changes can be made only by modifying CSS stylesheet file
  • Upload logo image
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Extensive developer documentation is available

Powerful Reporting and Statistics Capabilities

  • Have a complete overview of your store performance
  • 20 different reports, including:
    • Sales dynamics
    • Cart conversion analysis
    • Order details analysis
    • Best selling products
    • Top customers
    • Top search queries
  • Each report has a customizable date range
  • Most reports can be analyzed through different time periods - daily, hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly summaries
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