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  eMembership is an advanced Membership Management & Payment System which can be installed server to add membership management, facilities for one off payments or subscriptions (via PayPal) and a secure members area to your website.

Is fully automated management systems perform all tasks such as account creation, rebilling, account expiry, upgrades, downgrades, forgotten passwords and security monitoring without the need for administrator input.

Designed to be both quick and easy to operate by the use of a highly visual and interactive control interface to manage your members. It comes packed full of features and is extremely versatile, both in the way it looks and the way that it behaves. It has been used by our clients for membership sites, web hosting sites, advertising sites and other e-commerce applications and is used as the payment and membership management engine in 3 other products currently under development.

Design Specification and Features


  • Easy to follow site installer and setup utility.
  • 3 operational modes to run 3 different types of membership site.
  • Up to 7 different levels of user access.
  • Email links are encoded to prevent spambots obtaining your details.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing HTML, PHP or Flash website.
  • Upgradable/Downgradable members accounts.
  • All functions such as signup, rebilling and expiry are fully automated.
  • Low processing fees and no merchant account needed.

Front End

  • Offer membership options ranging from free trials to lifetime membership.
  • Members can pay to instantly upgrade to a higher membership rate.
  • Process payments in 6 available currencies including $US, £UK and Euros.
  • The members area pages can show different content to each user group.
  • Optional account approval including automated verification emails
  • Optional terms & conditions page and required checkbox agreement.
  • Optional age verification checks.
  • IPN payment system guards against fraudulent payments
  • Security question check for password retrieval.
  • Members Mini Control Panel where they can change password etc...
  • Amazingly simple to seamlessly integrate with an existing site.
  • Use your own graphics, designs, logos and text.

Control Panel

  • Site statistics providing an overview of revenue and members accounts.
  • Completely searchable and sortable members database.
  • View members details and payment history
  • Manually add VIP guest accounts or member accounts.
  • Highly customizable membership options.
  • Send emails or newsletters to members or groups of members.
  • Text and button code generators for membership options.
  • Database tools including backup and restore.
  • Tutorials and sample pages to assist with site integration.
  • In page help hints and tips and a complete 30 page user manual.
  • Complete protection with our advanced dual layer security system.
  • High security rotating hashed encrypted passwords.
  • Adjustable security levels.
  • All contents inside the secure members area are fully protected.
  • Multiple free trial detection.
  • Fail-safe account termination system.
  • Account password sharing detection.
  • Automated banning system for repeat violators.
  • IP address, account and email address banning.
  • Unauthorized access detection.
  • Brute force attack detection.
  • Fraudulent activity and bad payment detection.
  • Viewable unauthorized access log.
How it works?
How do my members pay me?

Your potential customers will be able to sign up by choosing a sign up option (via a dropdown selector, text links or buttons). They then need to fill in a short membership application before making payment. The payment and rebilling process is completely automated and works with the PayPal IPN verification system to safeguard against fraudulent or bad payments.

Upon successful payment the customer is returned to your site to login with their selected username and password and access the secure area.

How simple is to use?
eMembership provides a fast, simple and effective way of managing memberships, site security and payments via the administration control panel.

Throughout the control panel there are hints and tips icons that will display useful information when you hover over them.

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