Watch a video configuring email

Once your emails has been set up, example link here or below instructions
1) ("yourname1" and "yourdomain" is an example, you will have your actual email address)

The emails has been set with temporary password (xxxxxxxxxx)

Steps to change your password

1) Log in (replace "yourdomain" to your actual domain name)
2) Click "my account" >> click "passowrd"
3) Enter old password as 12345, enter new password

Reading emails

1) Use webmail when you do not have a notebook or computer (only access to internet)
2) It is highly recommended to use note book or PC to read your emails, as you can set to clear your emails from the server. This way, it will not choke up uncessary email space.
3) You can upload a guide to set up email using outlook

 Important: after using email set up guide

1) Change outgoing server (SMTP) from default 25 to 587

2) At Microsoft outlook >> Tools >> Account settings >> (select your email account) >>more settings >> Advance >>

Change outgoing server (SMTP) to 587